Hello! My name is Amy Larcen. Ever since I was young I have had a fascination with the likes of Bigfoot, leprechauns, gnomes and more. What intrigues me is the connection across the globe that many IMG_2691disconnected cultures share when it comes to speculations and sightings of these mysterious creatures. How can so many similar stories be told about such unusual creatures in eras that were devoid of the internet, a newspaper, and often any connection to the outside world?

It’s a question worth exploring, not ignoring! And I’ll venture to guess that you’ve had that niggling thought as well–which is why you’ve stopped by.

If you’re someone with a tale to tell or a photo to share, feel free to email me and let’s investigate this together!  

It is my belief that there is more in creation than what meets the eye. God is so very creative and, in many ways, mysterious. He is beyond our fathoming yet has revealed Himself to us through His word so that we may understand His holiness and our sinfulness and what He has done on our behalf to remedy the problem.

Now THAT is an amazing thing to contemplate! Elves and yetis are merely a topic of interesting consideration compared to the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. 

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