Dragon in China?

Here’s a brand new video that’s going viral. A man in China (near the boarder of Laos) claims to have caught this flying behemoth on video. A dragon? A pterodactyl? A product of photoshop?

It  looks a little sketchy to me. The creature itself is more defined than the hazy mountains around it. But its gracefulness and beauty are undeniable. It stirs me to hope that what we are seeing is a rare glimpse of something magical!

Take a look and tell me what you think?





Dealing with Skeptics

In my line of work, I cannot afford to be thin-skinned. When I put myself and my beliefs on the line–literally ‘online’–for all the world to see, I can’t be easily offended by the scoffers. I’m practically sending an invitation to them: “I believe in Bigfoot! Come check out what I have to say!”

Yeah . . . kinda sounds funny to me too.

That’s all right. I’m willing to dialogue about what I know. I’ll keep an open mind, if they will too. Otherwise, it’s simply a one-sided monologue. If that’s all they’re after then the skeptic can start writing their own blog and monologue all they want!

When something is not readily seen and tangible, the give-me-proof people shut down. They are not patient. They are not willing to explore. They lack faith. They are usually the atheists that can’t see past the DNA and Milky-way to notice the Creator behind the creation. Makes me sad for them.

That’s okay. Those of us willing to walk through the ‘wardrobe’ will be the ones that get to have the adventure. That wardrobe isn’t big enough for everyone, now is it?