Dragon in China?

Here’s a brand new video that’s going viral. A man in China (near the boarder of Laos) claims to have caught this flying behemoth on video. A dragon? A pterodactyl? A product of photoshop?

It  looks a little sketchy to me. The creature itself is more defined than the hazy mountains around it. But its gracefulness and beauty are undeniable. It stirs me to hope that what we are seeing is a rare glimpse of something magical!

Take a look and tell me what you think?





Sea Dragon?

I think this video will speak for itself. What an incredible specimen that washed up on the shore in New Zealand. This enormous, elusive beast seems ancient . . . perhaps it even died of old age. People are speculating that it may be a whale carcass or some sort of seal. Sorry, but this creature doesn’t fit into a known box. Looks like a magnificent Dragon of the Deep to me!

What do you think?