Lousy Little Leprechauns

What’s the big deal about the little Leprechaun? No, not the one on your cereal box. The legendary leprechaun that guards his gold at the end of the rainbow. The one that will, supposedly, grant you three wishes in exchange for his freedom—if you’re quick enough to snag one and make him your prisoner.leprechaun

Leprechauns have a long history in folklore. They haven’t always been cute little bearded men, either. Early Irish legends had some pretty menacing characters as leprechauns. It would seem that the Irish would’ve been barefoot if not for the the leprechaun’s shoe making skills. Besides being famous as cobblers and for hoarding gold, they also had a reputation for drinking and deceiving. They were narcissistic tricksters that only looked out for themselves, at everyone else’s expense.

Here’s a link to a short history of leprechaun lore. One thing is certain, if you happen to be lucky enough to meet one of these fellows, watch your back! Leprechauns cannot be trusted.

Meet the *Charming* Chupacabra!

This just in . . . some pretty serious footage of a creature thought to be local, deep-south folklore. The Chupacabra is relatively new on my legend-radar, and there are a plethora of mainstream myths to keep me sufficiently occupied. However, I just came across this video on a friend’s Facebook wall and felt it worthy of a share on my blog.

Briefly, the Chupacabra came on the legendary and elusive scene back in 1995 in Puerto Rico when eight sheep were found dead with unexplained puncture wounds to the chest. The animals were drained of blood. Not long after this, an eyewitness claimed to have seen an unknown creature kill over 150 farm animals in a similar fashion. Since then, there have been many supposed sightings of the creature dubbed the “goat sucker” (that is what Chupacabra means in Spanish!).

Sounds like a cuddly little guy, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll let you watch the video and reach your own conclusion. I must say that the “expert” interviewed in this film must not be much of an expert on anything if he can’t tell this unusual animal from a mangy dog! Ever see a dog eat with its front paws like a kangaroo?

I didn’t think so.

Sea Dragon?

I think this video will speak for itself. What an incredible specimen that washed up on the shore in New Zealand. This enormous, elusive beast seems ancient . . . perhaps it even died of old age. People are speculating that it may be a whale carcass or some sort of seal. Sorry, but this creature doesn’t fit into a known box. Looks like a magnificent Dragon of the Deep to me!

What do you think?

Bigfoot Goes on Tour?

Like a bad off-OFF-Broadway production, the so-called body of Bigfoot will be on tour this year. Perhaps another name for this post could be “Rick Dyer Strikes Again.” You remember Mr. Dyer . . . he’s the self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter that pulled a dandy of a hoax back in 2008, touting that he shot a Yeti and was selling his body to the highest bidder. It didn’t take long to recognize a rubber ape costume from an actual mammal.

Dyer claims that this time it’s the real deal. “Bigfoot is not a tooth fairy, Bigfoot is real,” Dyer said. “The most important thing to me is being vindicated, letting people know that I am the best Bigfoot tracker in the world and it’s not just me saying it.” 

Hmmm, I think vindication involves proving that you’re right about something. Lying to the world and trying to sell it to the bidder with the deepest pockets is more akin to perjury than being tragically misunderstood. And although Mr. Dyer is getting some media attention, I think those of us that are serious about Sasquatch fear it’s more of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” And Texas may be one of the Top Ten states for Bigfoot sightings but I’d be surprised to find a Yeti in San Antonio where trees are short and scarce. These dudes like heavy-duty woods.   


For now, I’m taking the wait-and-see approach. When the body of Bigfoot comes to a town near me, I’ll make a trek and ask a lot of hard questions. In the meantime, I’ll watch what unfolds with a large dose of skepticism. It seems the fame Rick Dyer seeks may be as elusive as the animal he hunts, although he could become famous as the next “Pinocchio.” 

Gnome Alone.

Recently I learned of a potential gnome sighting in Argentina. I received several emails and comments from people in North and South America. Apparently there are legends of such a creature in this part of the world. Now the little critter has been captured on video for all to see!

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. I am going to do some investigating and I’ll let you know my personal conclusion after my research.

After you view the clip, let me know your thoughts. It is rather grainy and hard to see, but you’ll get the idea that this isn’t a possum crossing the street!