Nephilim? Exciting Excavations!

I just came across these AMAZING photos (thank you Pinterest) showing various archeological excavations of GIANTS! I don’t mean extremely tall people. I’m not talking about basketball player stature either. These are unbelievable, jaw-dropping giants. Could they have been the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis six? Oh, if only these skeletons could talk (okay, maybe not. That would be creepy).

But, hey, a picture IS worth a thousand words, so I hope you’ll check out this link and be properly blown away!


Do you think people of this size really existed? Could these photos be fake? Snopes seems to think so.

One thought on “Nephilim? Exciting Excavations!

  1. You ARE showing this as a tongue-in-cheek thing, right? šŸ™‚
    When I was doing my Answers in Genesis lessons for AWANA a few years ago, I liked to find Google images of various things, like dinosaurs carved in stones, etc. I came across these but then I did the “Snopes” thing and they are, of course, a scam. Right? You know they are a scam?

    I don’t have the notifications turned on, so you can just email me if you want.

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